$1 Hot Dog Night

Get ready for an epic Friday night! March 8th is not just any ordinary evening—it's $1 hot dog night, courtesy of Kowalski! Picture this: it's 7:35 pm, and you're heading to the arena, stomach grumbling in anticipation of those mouthwatering hot dogs. But wait, it gets better! You won't just find those delicious $1 hot dogs at any old spot. No, sir! They'll be waiting for you at the Snack Shack, ready to satisfy your hunger cravings. And if that's not convenient enough, head on over to the goal light bar, situated just beyond the Meijer Party Suite, where more hot dog goodness awaits!

But that's not all! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping showdown as the Rockers face off against the Watertown Wolves in what promises to be an electrifying final matchup of the year. And guess what? The excitement doesn't end there. Prepare to be starstruck as Woodward Sports talent and the esteemed voice of the Oakland Grizzlies, Neal Ruhl, grace the event with their presence. They'll be there to kick things off in style, dropping the puck for the Rockers as they gear up for an unforgettable game.

So mark your calendars, rally your crew, and get ready to dive into a night of hockey thrills, delectable hot dogs, and celebrity sightings. This Friday night is shaping up to be one for the books, and you won't want to miss out!