Anytime Fitness Partners with the Motor City Rockers

Anytime Fitness Proudly Announces Its Partnership as the Official Workout Partner of the Motor City Rockers

Fraser, Oct. 17 – Anytime Fitness, a renowned name in the fitness industry, is excited to announce its official partnership with the Motor City Rockers. This collaboration solidifies Anytime Fitness as the "Official Workout Partner", emphasizing the shared commitment to health, fitness, and community support.

The partnership between Anytime Fitness and the Motor City Rockers marks the beginning of an exciting journey toward promoting a healthy lifestyle, wellness, and physical fitness within the community. Anytime Fitness has long been dedicated to providing accessible and convenient fitness solutions, and this partnership is a testament to their commitment to supporting both the physical and emotional well-being of the community.

As the "Official Workout Partner" of the Motor City Rockers, Anytime Fitness will support the team's fitness and wellness initiatives and work collaboratively on various community events, fitness challenges, and initiatives aimed at promoting physical health and well-being.