Dear Fans...

Dear Fans,

On behalf of the entire Motor City Rockers organization, I want to thank the fans and our corporate partners for the support this past year.

During our inaugural season, we finished with a 32-18-6 regular season record. With the success on the ice, the Rockers were able to finish third in the Continental division and qualify for the 2023 Commissioners Cup Playoffs. Not only did the Rockers qualify for the playoffs in their first season, but we also won the "Battle of I-94" regular season series over our in-state rival, the Port Huron Prowlers.

Over the course of this season, we as an organization were able to build a foundation to grow on and develop. None of this would be possible without all the support from our fans and our corporate partners, and we truly thank you.

You can be sure that during the off season we are working hard to take the next step both on and off the ice towards winning a Commissioners Cup championship here in Detroit.

Thank you to everyone for a great season. We look forward to seeing you in October for the second season of Motor City Rockers hockey!

Keep Rocking,

Nick Field

General Manager

Motor City Rockers