Hall’s Culligan Water Partners with Motor City Rockers

Fraser, MI, June 21, 2024: Hall’s Culligan Water has been delivering high-quality water products to our community for the last 80 years. Providing pure, clean, and refreshing water has been and continues to be the mission of Hall’s Culligan Water. The Motor City Rockers are proud to announce that Hall’s Culligan Water is partnering with us and becoming the Official Water Provider of the Motor City Rockers!

In addition to partnership support, Hall's will be providing BFC (Bottle Free Water Cooler) which provides virtually unlimited pristine and healthy “bottle quality” drinking water. These advanced instruments will also provide fresh cold ice for the Rockers, keeping our players hydrated and ensuring all our ice needs are met off the sheet.  
Besides keeping our players physically refreshed, Hall’s Culligan will add a fresh touch to the Motor City Rockers' official home game jerseys. Hall’s Culligan Water, the Official Water Provider of the Motor City Rockers, is the presenter of the Rockers‘ official home game jerseys.  The Hall’s Culligan branding logo will proudly be placed on the right chest of the official home game jerseys! 
“This makes Hall’s Culligan Water a significant partner of our organization, we are very excited to and fortunate to have their support. Every athlete knows that hydration and water is the ultimate sports drinks and with Hall’s providing our athletes with high-quality water, it will provide us a health benefit and advantage over the other teams”- President Scott Brand