Interstate Rivalry Series

The Motor City Rockers join the Port Huron Prowlers as the only other team competing out of Michigan in the Federal Prospects Hockey League. The Rockers will face off against the Prowler’s this season a total of sixteen times. With eight other teams in the FPHL all located out of state in places like New York, Georgia, Mississippi, Delaware, Connecticut and North Carolina the Rockers and the Prowlers will be seeing a whole lot of each other this season. 


 “It’s going to be very exciting to have a competitive rivalry within the state of Michigan. The fact that we are forty miles away, allows both our fans to become a big piece of the rivalry. It’s going to be a tough series against each other, and battling it out sixteen times over the course of one season, makes it even more intense. I’m excited to get started.” said Port Huron General Manager, Matt Graham. 


 Nick Field, the General Manager of the Rockers also added, “The Interstate Series will be a great addition to the natural rivalry between Motor City and Port Huron. We are already looking forward to having an in-state rival and facing off against the Prowlers sixteen times, will definitely give the players on both teams the incentive to have the most success.” The Interstate Rival Series between the Rockers and Prowlers begins Thursday, October 13th, to mark the start of the Rockers inaugural season.