Rockers take One Victory away from Interstate Rivalry Series

The Motor City Rockers had their first round of the Interstate Rivalry series this past weekend against the Port Huron Prowlers. The Rockers versed the Prowlers three times and had their home opener on Thursday the 14th to start off their inaugural season. The Rockers lost the first two games to the Prowlers , 2-3 on Thursday and 7-3 on Friday, but won the last game of the three part series on Saturday, 2-1, giving them their first official victory as a franchise.  

The Rockers victory on Saturday over the Prowlers was led by goals from Everett Thompson and Jonathon Juliano. The Rockers will face the Prowlers another 13 times this season, with the next Interstate Rivalry Series game on October 28th at Big Boy Arena at 7:30 pm. 

The Rockers are headed to Watertown, New York to verse the Watertown Wolves tonight and tomorrow, both games start at 7:30 pm and can be streamed from the Watertown Wolves Youtube page. 

Photo Credits: Jason Pictures on Facebook