Serta Mattress Becomes the Official Sleep Partner

The Motor City Rockers and Serta Mattress Announce a Dream Partnership: Official Sleep Partner

Fraser, Oct. 17 – The Motor City Rockers Hockey team, an emblem of athleticism and commitment, is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Serta Mattress, a name synonymous with quality sleep and comfort. Together, they embark on a journey to ensure players and fans alike experience the benefits of restful, quality sleep, a crucial component of peak performance.

This collaboration with Serta Mattress solidifies their role as the "Official Sleep Partner" of the Motor City Rockers. Quality sleep is an integral aspect of any athlete's performance and recovery, and the partnership is set to emphasize the importance of sleep for the players and the broader community.

As the official sleep partner of the Motor City Rockers, Serta Mattress will provide players with high-quality mattresses, ensuring they get the rest they need for optimal performance on the ice. Serta will also collaborate with the team on various community initiatives aimed at promoting the importance of quality sleep for overall well-being.